Enterprise Booking Policies
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All Enterprise booking requests must go through our official Concierge channel concierge@mykuya.com. This helps us ensure that well trained partners (kuyas & ates) with requested specifications are matched to customer's bookings. 

1. Operational Hours

To help ensure quality services, we require advanced notice. Customers will experience our prompt response in this operational hours detailed below:-

  1. For Service Inquiries

    1. Our dedicated Concierge team is available from 9 am to 6 pm, 7 days a week(except regular & special (non-working) holidays) for all service inquiries, including assistance with ongoing bookings.

  2. For Booking Requests

    1. We follow a 4 pm cut-off time for processing.

      1. If the service is needed  tomorrow, customers can send us the request with complete details before 4pm today. 

      2. Requests sent after 4pm today will be considered as a new request tomorrow and serviced the day after tomorrow. 

  3. For bulk requests of more than 5 partners or bookings that require logistical planning, would require minimum 2 business days advanced notice.

  4. Unsure if a request can be squeezed in? Customers can send us an email(concierge@mykuya.com) and we'll surely try our best to assist. 

2. Cancellation policy

All cancellations must be notified to us via email prior to  booking confirmation from concierge@mykuya.com.

  1. Cancelling post receiving a booking confirmation but before the scheduled start of job will incur a non-refundable cancellation fee of 50% service charge, deductible from customer's MyKoins.

  2. Canceling during an active task will be treated as a completed booking and will incur 100% of the fee.

3. Refunds policy

Service refund requests are subject to our Refunds Policy which customers can access here.

4. Service Limitations

  1. 4-hour Minimum Duration
    Duration of the service requested is to be minimum 4 hrs, for us to deploy our best partners.  Shorter duration service requests can be booked On-Demand and are subject to availability.

  2. Services Outside Metro Manila
    Service requests outside Metro Manila will be priced different and quotation for the same will be provided as customers mail concierge@mykuya.com.

  3. Attendance

    1. In the case of partner tardiness, a replacement will be provided by the company. If the delay hampers customer's work, they are free to cancel the job without a service charge. Service charge will only commence once replacement reaches task location. 

    2. In case of customer delays (i.e. not caused by the company nor partner), service charge will commence from the scheduled start time.

    3. Cancellation policies(#2) above can also serve as a guide.

  4. Changes in an Active Booking

    1. Minor changes that fall within the agreed scope of the task can be accommodated.

    2. If there is a significant change requested such as changing the task (for example, change of task from Biz helper to Biz rider), changing the venue, or rescheduling at a later time, it will be difficult for the partner to accommodate and additional fees may apply.

  5. Missed Extensions
    Valid extensions, not provided timely can result to premature booking completion. Adjustments via MyKoins deductions will be made to compensate the partner.

  6. Off-Platform Transactions
    For our customer's security we discourage initiating any transactions outside the MyKuya platform. Machine Ventures, MyKuya and MK Enterprise Solutions are not liable for any damages whatsoever resulting from off-platform transactions. If found valid, penalties can include forfeiture of customer's remaining MyKoins, and/or a deactivation of account.

  7. Direct Hiring
    Absorbing or direct hiring of MyKuya Partners assigned to tasks will require a finder's fee of Ten Thousand Pesos (Php 10,000) per Partner, forfeiture of customer's remaining MyKoins, and/or a deactivation of account.

5. Booking On Demand

At times customers might need urgent service and are unable to preschedule  or may need service for just 2 hours instead of our minimum of 4 hours. Be worry free, MyKuya is here to assist! With MyKuya App customers can book On-Demand.

6. Bespoke Solutions

Large tasks needing 5 - 50 partners or even more can be customised as per customers need. To know more customers can reach concierge@mykuya.com or respective account manager. 

7. Enterprise Solutions

We reserve the right to make changes or update booking policies at any time. Our customers' interest and building long term relationships, play a key role in any such alignments. Booking through MK Enterprise Solutions affirms that customers have read and accepted these policies.


We are delighted to have our customers with us on the #Roadto1MillionJobs.
We thank our customers for entrusting us with their staffing needs!

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