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What are my payment options?

Written by Tim Michael

How You Pay:

  1. Payment of MyKuya's Service Fee: Before making a request, you are asked to enter your card details. This will be used to automatically pay for the service fee after a job is done. We accept all credit, debit and prepaid Visa & MasterCard.

  2. Payment of the Items Purchased by Kuya & Ate: In case you asked Ate or Kuya to make purchases on your behalf,  you may reimburse them in cash after they present the invoice to you. If the items to be purchased are beyond the cash-on-hand, partners can get the money from you first and present you the invoice at the end of the job.

And each partner that you avail has a cost of the following:

  1. AteNOW/KuyaNOW: 49 per 30mins

  2. KuyaMOTO: 89 per 30mins

This service fee will be charged from your chosen payment method (i.e. card) after fulfilment of your request. In addition, you will have to reimburse the MyKuya Partner if there are any costs associated with your order. For example, when the request is Grocery shopping, the partner will bring the receipt upon delivery and you will have to repay him/her in cash.

To know more about job charges click here.

You can click here on how to make a request with MyKuya!

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