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At MyKuya, we are committed to creating real livelihood opportunities for all, helping to set the foundation for a better Philippines.

Creating 1 Million

Job Opportunities



have always looked at social causes such
as poverty alleviation, female empowerment,

and education as key issues that were worth solving and I believe anyone can be part of the solution. 

Shahab Shabibi Founder of MyKuya

MYKUYA is a on-demand labor & services marketplace that empowers consumers to access help and enables enterprises to use its workforce management tools in one super app.


Created with the values of Bayanihan and nation-building in mind, we at MyKuya firmly believe in the goal of creating 1 million job opportunities in the Philippines. We want to create a productive and inclusive economic system that everyone can grow and benefit from.

When you use MYKUYA 

You provide a valuable working opportunity to our MyKuya Partners, empowering them with the resources to support themselves and their families. 

We provide you with trained and quality Partners, on-hand to help you finish your to-do list and achieve your goals, removing the stress from your daily life. 

#YourHelpingHandOnDemand #Roadto1MillionJobs

A Letter from our Founder

Learn more about why we built MyKuya and our vision for its future.



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