FAQs on Franchise Program


What is the MyKuya Franchise Program?

The MyKuya Franchise Program is a program designed for Service Providers and Manpower Agencies of all sizes to offer their services to a wider audience using MyKuya’s proprietary technology. The goal of the MyKuya Franchise program is to arm you with technology that enables you to provide superior customer service and experience. By using MyKuya’s platform you can monitor your manpower in real time online, scale your business and operations, but most importantly you can focus on more pressing issues while we at MyKuya focus on getting you more business and access to new customers and territories.

What type of services are eligible to register as a franchisee?

The MyKuya Franchise program is diverse in its service offerings. We currently cater to all types of services such as cleaning, grocery delivery, and handymen to more specialized services such as aircon cleaning, and business helpers.

Where are the service areas covered?

We are open to nationwide businesses in the Philippines.

Who are the service providers at MyKuya Franchise Program?

Our service providers are made up from as large as conglomerate businesses to entrepreneurial sole proprietors.

What are the requirements to join the MyKuya Franchise Program?

The most basic requirement is for you to have an existing service providing business or a manpower providing business in any service industry. You must be managing an existing workforce in your industry realm and have exceptional experience in your service vertical.

If you are just starting your service provider business or plan to start one, you may contact us separately at franchise@mykuya.com for more information and we would gladly assist in suggesting some recommendations to help you get started.

What are the costs involved in joining the MyKuya Franchise Program?

We do not require any start up capital that typically entails a Franchise Agreement to join our program.

What are the benefits of joining the MyKuya Franchise Program?

In line with our commitment in providing an end to end technology platform to monitor transactions and manage your manpower efficiently, we also help you to solidify your market position. By being a Franchisee, you will have access to our marketing mileage, exposure, and benefit from our strong brand name and identity. You will have access to new market segments and territories with a centralized system so that you are ready to scale.

I am a sole proprietor, am I eligible to apply for the Franchise Program?

Absolutely, you may be a sole proprietor, partnership entity or corporation.

I want to contact MyKuya to learn more before I decide to apply. Who can I contact?

You may call us or reach us via our email: franchise@mykuya.com and our franchise team will gladly assist with your inquiries.

What are the clauses of termination of the MyKuya Franchise Program?

We require our Franchisees to adhere to the minimum performance standards set by MyKuya and performances shall be reviewed frequently. Either parties are able to terminate the agreement at any time.

Is there a set minimum number of Partners I need to have in order to be eligible to join the program?

No we do not require a set number of Partners and you may apply so as long as the service rendered would have the adequate number of persons capable to provide your service.

What is the maximum number of Partners that I can apply with?

We do not have a maximum number of Partner requirement thresholds, however we would suggest a maximum of 20 Partners to start with and then add Partners as necessary.

If I join your Franchise Program, is there a guarantee of revenue that I can earn?

No we do not have a guarantee, however all of our franchisees have reported higher earnings compared to times when they were managing their businesses on their own.

What is the process of selection and how long will it take for my application to be approved?

Upon receiving your application via our website, it will take around 3-5 business days for us to inform you of the outcome. If there is any information missing our team will reach out to you to ensure that your application is processed immediately.

What if my application is rejected? How long should I wait before I reapply?

We will inform you as soon as 3-5 business days on the outcome of your application. In the unfortunate event that your application is rejected, we will inform you of the reasons

Account Related

Where do I apply to become a Franchisee?

To become a franchisee you can apply at our website https://mykuya.com/franchise-program

What do I need to do after I fill out the form?

After filling out the form and submitting your application, we will review your application and get back to you within 3-5 business days.

Where can I see the status of my application?

For any questions or concerns on your application you can email us at franchise@mykuya.com

I have lost my password, who can I contact?

If you’ve lost or forgotten your password you can coordinate directly with your account manager or email us at franchise@mykuya.com

How can I cancel my Account?

To cancel your account or for any other account related concerns you can coordinate directly with your account manager or email us at franchise@mykuya.com


In case my company decides to shut down, can I get my franchisee status back?

You will need to register and apply as a separate entity or should you wish to transfer it to another person or entity, you will need to contact us directly.

How many Franchisees or industry verticals will you accept per region?

We do not have any set requirements on the number of industry verticals in a particular region.

Does the profit share depend on the size or industry of the Franchisee?

Yes, from time to time we may make changes on the guidelines on our platform fee but fundamentally we will not alter it unless it is absolutely necessary.


Is the Franchisee Agreement transferable?

Please contact us directly for any transfer requests, we will determine whether this is possible on a case by case basis.

Can I open multiple Franchises for multiple services and regions?

Absolutely, there are no limitations on the number of Franchisee accounts you can hold with us.

Can I be exclusive for a region or city?

Depending on the performance factors, granting exclusivity for a specific service or area is a possibility. Kindly consult with your account representative on the possibility.

I own a fairly large manpower agency, do you have a master franchisee program? If so, can I make sub franchisees under my agency?

Please contact us directly on the possibilities, there are many ways we can support your business.

Does MyKuya have its own fleet of Kuyas and Ates too?

No. We do not employ any Kuyas or Ates directly. All our services are rendered through our franchisees.


How will I receive payments and how frequent is the payment cycle?

Payments are received in real time after a successful job transaction. MyKuya will disburse your earnings to your specified bank account every Thursday for the previous weeks’ earnings.

How are the payments classified and what are the tax implications?

Payments are classified as profit sharing. Your Partners’ earnings or sharing are credited real time to their MyKuya Partner app by way of MyKoins. 1 MyKoin is equivalent to 1 Peso. Once partners accumulate 300 worth of MyKoins in their partner app they can cash out at any time. The amount that a partner cashs out will be credited directly to their specified Gcash account.
You will be responsible for filing tax returns in accordance with your own entity jurisdiction.


Are there any targets that I should be aware of and what are the implications if I miss those targets?

We have minimum quality control and performance standards that we monitor in accordance with your specific industry standards. This is an on-going recurring process that may or may not directly impact your franchisee status with us. These are KPI metrics which will be used to determine the performance and decisions are based on data driven outcomes.

Termination and Renewal

How long is the Franchise Agreement for, and is it auto renewed?

The agreement is initially a year from the date of the signed signatory agreement, it is valid until either party decides to terminate the agreement or else it is automatically renewed upon review.

Rights & Responsibilities

As this is a Manpower related business, what happens if my competitor starts to poach my employees? Do you have a policy to discourage and prevent this activity?

Absolutely, we strongly discourage and do not endorse such antics in our community. Part of the franchise agreement and on-boarding requirements will cover this as a policy.

What are my rights and responsibilities as a franchisee?

As a franchisee you will be empowered to launch your service, dictate the price of your services, provide your services online at your own preferred time and location. Under these circumstances, the responsibilities are not limited to providing an exceptional service standard to MyKuya’s customers under the franchise agreement but also to be responsible for the immediate community you serve by providing a safe and inclusive work environment to your partners that is consistent with our policy.

Do I have the right to determine the earnings for my team?

Absolutely, the process is simple and straightforward to automate the whole payout share to your partners. You will have access to the dashboard in which you can manage it in real time as well.