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8 Festive Desserts You Need to Have this Christmas

Shall we make this Christmas very merry with some show-stopping, sweet treats that we just can never say no to? Let us go through some that would make the big day worth the wait together. Here are 8 Christmas dinners you need to have this month.

Sugar Cookies

Everyone would agree that cookies make the best midnight snacks. They are the kind of treat that we have our own special recipes for. Sugar cookies come in different colours, textures shapes, sizes, and forms! Some people prefer firm, brittle ones, and others like the softer, gooey types. To bring yours to the next level this Christmas, bake some in festive shapes. A few classic options are Christmas trees, gingerbread men, candy canes, and snowflakes! To finish them up, decorate them with red, green, and white icing to complement the holiday theme. You may not be having very many guests this year, but you should still leave some around!


Bibingka is a type of glutinous rice cake that makes a delightful appearance every Christmas season. You often find it plated on clay pots lined with banana leaves and enjoyed after Simbang Gabi. It is simply galapong (fermented, soaked, and grounded glutinous rice) prepared with coconut milk or water, and then baked to result in a soft and spongy cake. Presumably everyone’s childhood snack, Bibingka would be perfect for those of you who do not get to spend this Christmas with your loved ones, as it would bring to the table something warm, nostalgic, and familiar.

Gingerbread House

This dessert is more about the process than the final product, though sometimes both can be equally as sweet. Putting together a gingerbread house is an enjoyable activity that everyone can enjoy, because who doesn’t love a miniature construction made up of gingerbread cookies, colourful icing, and everything sweet? No matter how chaotic the process is, you will end up with only positive outcomes — hours of laughter, a new, fun memory, and a sweet treat that can last you until New Years.

Crepe Cake

The velvety, thin layers of crepes, stacked on top of one another with soft, flavourful blankets of sweet cream in between. When presented as a slice as a serving for one, you can clearly admire the care that was put into the beautiful and dainty piece of cake and how flawless it looks for literally every angle — perfect for the gram. You can enjoy this dessert as a centerpiece of a neatly-clothed dinner table, or simply as an accompanying refreshment served in a home salad bowl to a Christmas movie screening. Either way, the presence of the delicacy would make all the difference on your Christmas Eve night.

Leche Flan

Our traditional Leche Flan combines egg yolks, sugar, and milk to create a soft and creamy custard cake, and is finished off with a blanket of melted caramel on top. Often served cold, this dessert is often found at fiestas and other special celebrations. It often is enjoyed alone, though keep in mind that it complements other desserts, too! You have probably seen it as an ice cream flavour, or a Halo-Halo topping. It is indeed a versatile and elegant must-have for your Christmas dinner this year!

Red Velvet Cupcakes

Fluffy, spongy, and bright, red velvet cupcakes make the perfect addition to your home dessert bar. Especially when paired with cream cheese frosting, the red and white hues allows it to present itself as a favorite holiday treat. Plus, you can decorate it any way you want! Put an upside down strawberry tipped with a small drop of frosting on top and you have a mini Santa hat! Pipe layers of green frosting to form a small mountain, sprinkle some confetti and you have a tiny Christmas tree! The possibilities are endless.

Cassava Cakes

Kamoteng Kahoy and Balinghoy is, as we all know, a classic dessert. The traditional recipe consists of two processes: making the batter, and putting into an oven. The batter itself is made up of cheese, sugar, eggs, coconut milk, and of course, cassava, mixed all together in a bowl. When everything has been fully integrated, it goes into the oven for roughly an hour. At the end, the cake would be glazed with some condensed milk, grated cheese, and more coconut milk and sugar. Not only is it easy to make, it also makes a great party treat.

Yule Log

Here is one of the rarer finds. The Yule Log is a delicious, picturesque delicacy that is believed to have dated from the Medieval times. It is, at its core, a chocolate sponge cake that is rolled and filled with cream, later covered with chocolate ganache, and made to look more like a literal log with lined markings along the length of the cake, some fresh forest greens, and dusted icing sugar over the plate for that fallen snow effect. It will definitely bring an element of elegance to the table (literally). If you have never tried this, you should consider ordering one, or assembling one yourself! It is neat, tasty, and lavish — everything you want in a holiday dessert.

Consider this list the first step in your scavenger hunt for friendly holiday desserts this year. Know that your options are not limited even though we are not encouraged to go outside and risk further COVID-19 spread for the meantime.

Let us introduce you to MyKuya’s PaBili service, a feature on the MyKuya app that allows you to hire a Kuya or Ate and have them visit any restaurant in town to order, pick up, and deliver your desired dishes right to your doorstep. If you wish to create your very own rendition of some of the above desserts, MyKuya, too, has both Grocery Delivery and Personal Shopper services to help you collect all the necessary ingredients and equipment to get started! You can download the app here.

Not sure where to start? Here are some online bakeries located in Metro Manila that have currently begun serving you seasonal treats! Check them out on Instagram:

  • sookies.mnl

  • carluved__cupcakes


  • yuyuskitchenph

  • alexisbakes.mnl

  • oven_hearted

Check up on your local restaurants and grocery stores, consider extending your support to smaller businesses by making several purchases from there. Let them know that Kuya and Ate will be coming in to say hi and collect your orders. We hope this short list inspired you to channel your inner foodie, embrace the joys of the holiday season, and help enhance the holiday spirit in the midst of this chaotic time. MyKuya wishes everyone a Merry Christmas. Let’s treat ourselves this month with the little things that make us happy, and welcome the new year strong.


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