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Empowering Small Businesses

If MECQ has taught us anything, it is the importance of helping our fellow brothers and sisters get by through showcasing our support for their businesses.

MyKuya has been working with a growing e-commerce company founded by a young, aspiring professional, selling all-natural, homemade spreads that compliment a wide array of baked goods and healthy breakfast staples alike.

Orders for the said products are made online, with the products being dispatched and delivered to their respective buyers at 10-day intervals. The partnership started at the beginning of the fourth quarter of last year, wherein they began to put their trust on our Partners on Bike with the regular delivery jobs.

They had one special request, which is for the products to be kept in insulated bags while our Kuyas and Ates go about the deliveries. This usually takes hours and hours on end. This is to keep the spreads fresh once they are taken out of the kitchen and transported to the doorsteps of their new owners.

The Concierge booking service is great! Everyone is responsive and accommodating of last minute changes.

As a company, we understand that we can only go through this tough time by lifting each other up whenever given the chance, and one of the ways we are accomplishing that is by having our dedicated Partners bridge the gap between producers and consumers of local goods, like that provided by the aforementioned company. MyKuya aims to reach out to more small businesses moving forward and further extend a helping hand to those with manpower demands, no matter how specific or elaborate they may be.

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