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Business Solutions: Tailored to You

Fashion, even with quarantine measures in place, continues to be a largely popular topic of practice and discussion. The pandemic certainly cannot stop people from wanting to own articles of clothing that represent their history, culture, and most importantly, their unique and self-defining personalities.

Surely, many of us have been online shopping more, whether it is from local businesses we discovered through friends and social media, or the familiar, global brands we have gotten used to seeing everywhere. In August 2020, MyKuya began a journey fostering an ongoing partnership with a local clothing manufacturer, one that is proudly run by a talented, inspiring family.

They settled for a plan surrounding a routine booking schedule — one Biz Rider a week for a number hours, as determined by the size of the release and the number of orders. They allow their customers to opt for a Cash-on Delivery payment option, wherein said customers would complete the payment in cash, given to the Kuya who safely brought the goods to their doorsteps.

After the cash was collected, the Kuya would ride to the nearest bank and deposit the payment straight to company, confirming that the order was ready for the final stage of its processing — completion. This is an example of a bespoke solution we tailored according to an enterprise client’s needs to ensure that we can provide them with a procedure that best suits their manpower demands.

We are happy to have been partnering with them in this way, knowing that we are filling in the rift between them and their customers and extending our best support to ensure the business can operate seamlessly. Additionally, there is no greater feeling than delivering packages customers had been excitedly waiting for at home, while they abide with the restrictions, patiently staying safe and distanced until the world is ready to open again.


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