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Ace the Work-From-Home Life with MyKuya!

Adjusting to the New Normal With MyKuya

It has been more than a hundred days since Metro Manila and the rest of the Philippines were put under various levels of community quarantine. Restrictions may have already been eased but most people are still barred from moving freely and doing what they normally did before the COVID-19 pandemic began. Nonetheless, MyKuya finds ways to make the best of what we have and do whatever we can.

True to our slogan, “Your Helping Hand on Demand”, we always make sure to help our customers, personal shoppers, and enterprise partners get their day, week or month started, especially during this difficult time.

With that said, we’ve found several ways anyone can make their day fun and productive.

Explore new things to do every day

Since MyKuya’s businesses relies so much on technology and the internet, our team is quite updated with the trends as well. We’ve seen so many people find different ways to bond with their families at home or continue staying productive with their work and hobbies during quarantine.

One of the things we stumbled upon is a group of film photographers posting new photos online. This made us wonder, are film developing shops already open? After a quick search on social media, the answer to our question was, yes! This is a good opportunity for other film photographers and enthusiasts to get their leftover film photos developed as well, as we’re sure most weren’t able to do so when the metro was put under lockdown.

Some of the shops that we saw reopening were Sunny16 Lab, Fotofabrik, Wonder Photo Shop. Maybe it’s a good time to finally have those memories developed!

Aside from this, we also found out that young people are making the best out of the quarantine period. Others have baked bread, cooked different dishes every day, attended webinars and interesting classes online, and more. Some even started religiously working out with online fitness classes, as gyms were one of the many businesses that were forced to temporarily shut down because of the pandemic.

We’ve seen so many people do yoga or follow the hippest exercise routines they could find on Youtube or other media. It’s important to stay fit and healthy after all, especially during a health crisis.

Because of this, we think it’s a good idea that people could continue their home workouts wearing the proper workout clothes or using some gym equipment. We found that sports stores such as Adidas, Toby’s Sports, Royal Sporting House, Nike, and Decathlon Philippines have reopened as well. What’s good is that these stores are available in some of the malls the MyKuya has partnered with such as SM Supermalls, Robinsons Malls, and Ayala Malls.

As mentioned before, others learned how to cook or tried to make unique dishes every day during quarantine. Some of our younger team members who use TikTok saw that people are doing “themed dinners”. Essentially, the way this works is, some families cook a certain cuisine for dinner and they dress up according to the theme that they set up. It’s such an innovative and fun way to prepare meals and bond with the family. This made us realize that quarantine may have forced everyone to stay at home, but this doesn’t mean we can’t also have fun.

With the internet at our disposal, there are so many different recipes we can try out. For some, cooking has been their way to travel the world again. With airports and tourist destinations being forced to shut down as well due to the virus outbreak, everyone had to throw away their travel plans. But with food, exploring the world is possible.

Perhaps we can go to North America with a nice plate of pancakes, bacon, and eggs for breakfast or fly over to Paris with some soupe à l’oignon or flamiche for dinner. The possibilities are endless!

But for those who really can’t cook, there’s always the option of take outs. A lot of our favorite restaurants in the metro have reopened as well. While there’s the option of dining in too, it’s still somehow not the safest thing to do at the moment.

Take outs are amazing, especially for celebrations and other special occasions at home. Aside from the scrumptious trays of dishes, we can have popular snacks delivered now as well. Of course, who could forget the generous snack provider that is Potato Corner? We believe that some of the best snacks we could eat come from potatoes. Fries are an amazing fit for lounging at home, binge watching movies or shows or sometimes doing desk work.

But what’s even more exciting is that Potato Corner now offers popcorn in three flavors: cheese, barbecue, and sour cream. We can finally buy the ultimate movie snack from our favorite snack provider now! Pair that with some fries as well and we can have the best day or night ever.

These activities seem fun and all but not everyone can attend to them, especially students as classes are about to start for some of them.

For safety reasons, classes in the Philippines have shifted to an online setting. While this reduces the need for school supplies, some students may still need certain necessities for them to be able to learn and retain information better. Not all students have the same learning capability after all.

Luckily, bookstores such as National Book Store and Fully Booked have already opened their stores. Good time management paired with some great learning essentials can help make remote learning effective!

MyKuya to the rescue

MyKuya is always ready and available to give what our customers and enterprise partners need and want. In everything that we stated above, we know we can be part of everyone’s lives. We have a range of services that can cater to anyone’s errands.

For example, our cleaning services can be helpful for those working from home. Not everyone has the time to attend to chores while they work. Therefore, our Kuyas and Ates can be of service when anyone needs a helping hand in cleaning some messy rooms around the house. They can also be useful in getting groceries for those who can’t leave their post.

We also understand that the rainy season is nearing. We may have to say goodbye to sunny days, but we shouldn’t have to bid farewell on some needed fixings at home too. While raindrops haven’t fallen on our roofs yet, we need to attend to some broken fixtures. Luckily,

MyKuya now has a range of carpenters, painters, and other repair people who can help prepare our homes for the upcoming weather.

As for the busy entrepreneurs out there, we know that keeping up with demand and restoring and fixing supplies can be quite stressful. While that sounds like a sign of a growing business, it’ll be hard to manage with only a few working hands. MyKuya’s BizHelper service can come to the rescue! For budding entrepreneurs who need help, a Kuya or Ate can help them pack orders, fix inventory, and more.

Lastly, MyKuya has enterprise solutions for all businesses out there. For those who need help with day-to-day operations, they can count on us! For more details, go to

For other information and inquiries, visit or contact us at


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