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Adjust to the New Normal in the Best Way Possible

As we adjust to the “new normal”, we’re finding more unique ways to get things done, showing that we can still stay as productive and motivated. But of course, there will be days where we won’t feel like doing anything at all and that’s okay too! We’re all the captains of our own ships anyway.

No matter what it is, we at the MyKuya HQ are always on the move to bring the best services and value to our customers, Kuyas/Ates, and enterprise partners. We make sure that nobody gets left behind. With that said, we’ve found ways on how everyone can get the most out of their days!

MyUpdates from MyKuya

One of our things we’re happy to announce is MyKuya’s expansion to cities outside Metro Manila, which includes Dasmariñas, Cavite! We’re glad we’ll finally be able to serve more customers and help them do more of what matters to them.

Forget about the pesky errands that take up a lot of time out of our day. MyKuya is here to handle everything!

Aside from this, we’re also happy to announce that we added Ever Commonwealth to our list of mall and commercial partners, which includes SM Supermalls, Robinsons Malls, Ayala Malls, Ministop, Waltermart, Ortigas Malls, Shangri-La Plaza, and San Lorenzo Place Mall. In an effort to give our customers more places where we can help them accomplish their errands, we’ve brought these malls closer to them.

Getting groceries or picking up orders will now be easier than ever!

MyKuya Reporting for Duty

We know some of us have health emergencies every now and then. Some of us in the MyKuya team sometimes contend with the sudden headache or migraine. Or most of the time, we’re also too busy with work to go to the pharmacy and get our meds.

We know a lot of people deal with this kind of problem too, which is why MyKuya’s pabili service can come to the rescue! We’ve made it easy for our customers to have a Kuya or Ate get their meds for them with just a few taps on our app. We won’t have to go out while feeling ill ever again.

Aside from our Pabili service, we’ve also rolled out our aircon cleaning services. Summer has technically ended, so now our aircons are retired from saving us from super hot days. Now’s the perfect time to get our aircons clean so that when the sun comes out and warms our days again, we can easily open our aircons and feel cool, clean air.

Never a Dull Day With MyKuya

Since we recently made our services available in Cavite, we thought it would be good to check out what goodies Caviteños have in store for us. After a quick research on social media, we discovered Tasty Wagon and its line of cheesecakes, leche flans, and milk teas. Guess we’re all having some good dessert today! We know that there are other small businesses out there with the best food and dessert offerings in the area, so worry not as we’re always on the lookout for them.

We also heard the Caviteños are flocking to Conti’s for their special pastries and cakes. Who doesn’t love their mango bravo cake anyway?

Aside from this, we also discovered that September 4 is actually National Lazy Mom’s Day! We know moms do so many things every day. Some go to work for 9 hours a day or even more and some stay at home doing chores and taking care of the family. Nonetheless, our moms are amazing and this is a great day for them to laze around and do nothing.

This is also a perfect time for MyKuya to help them out! Our Kuyas and Ates can help do the grocery shopping or pick up any food takeouts the family might want to have.

One last thing that we found during our quick search on social media is Korean fried chicken. We always get green with envy watching our favorite Korean actors eat their special fried chicken in K-dramas. They always look so juicy and tasty! Not to mention the crunch that we’d always hear whenever our favorite actors would take a bite. Well lucky for us because we found a couple of places in the metro where anyone can get your hands on Korean fried chicken!

Some of these stores include 24 Chicken, YumYum Chicken, Oppa Chicken, Kkokko, and Gaja Korean Chicken. Of course, it’s customary to say “jal meokkessumnida” (잘 먹겠습니다) before eating. Better eat Korean fried chicken in the right way at least!

We know a lot of people are interested in the same things as we do. That’s why we’re always making sure that MyKuya has the right services for everyone, whether it’s for parents working from home who need help paying bills or getting groceries, for business people who need help with orders or any basically anyone who just requires a helping hand with work or projects.

MyKuya never backs down on any request! Anyone can rely on our Kuyas and Ates to alleviate the burden on their shoulders as well.

For more information & inquiries visit or contact us at


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