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As They Say, a Clean House is a Happy House

Updated: Nov 13, 2020

With the holiday season coming up, I feel like it is my responsibility to remind some of you that an essential to an easy, joyful holiday is a clean house, most especially since we will be celebrating this years’ indoors due to you-know-what.

We like to selectively forget the thought of carrying out typical, bigger chores, like completely redoing the beds, clearing out the clutter in our closets, reorganizing the contents of our refrigerators, and selecting worn-out items to donate or throw out, because they are troublesome, and require quite a large deal of head concentration and time. But with December approaching, it is time to consider finally completing each and every one of them, because we all deserve to enjoy the conclusion to what has been one hectic year with a positive, stress-free mind.

It all begins at home. Here are some of the reasons why a clean house can make your holidays crystal.

1. Your Living Space Will Be Organized.

When you have a general idea of where things are placed, reaching out to grab the things you need before heading out becomes less of a hassle, especially when you’re on a time crunch. We all have experienced the frustration caused by misplaced house keys, credit cards, and car keys that seem impossible to find right before you are due for a meeting. It’s easy to lose things, but it’s also easy to reduce the frequency of it happening with just a few tweaks to how you have been organizing your space.

The simplest way to do this is by categorizing your things into separate containers, like having a little pot for your keys right by your main door or keeping a box for your cards in your closet to remind you to empty your pockets after a long day so that you will remember where you have put them the next time you feel like swapping wallets or bags.

And just like that, you will have a peace of mind knowing you would not have to ask for your roommate or mother’s help when attempting to locate your things in the morning.

2. Your Indoor Air Quality Will Improve.

Research has shown, time and time again, that better air quality yields better performance because a healthy environment can arouse motivation. This alone could ensure that you can transition and adapt to that holiday spirit with ease.

You may think this sounds complicated because we can’t exactly observe and control the air in our houses, but we can take control of the objects that contribute to indoor air quality. By regularly vacuuming your carpets, mopping your floors, putting unused clothing, bedding, and other fabric-based items away, reducing the amount of clutter, and cleaning your air conditioning filters every once in a while, you can reduce the amount of dust particles getting trapped or stuck on the accessible surfaces around your house.

During this time, we become aware of the last few piles of papers and other tasks to finalize before the end of the year, and we get anxious watching the deadlines get closer and closer.

Clean air would not only improve your productivity levels and mood, but also your physical health, as there would be less allergens and bacteria in the air, and you would be able to breathe. Your body would be better equipped to complete those final pieces of work. With improved mental and physical welfare, you would be more likely to adopt a healthy mindset and satisfaction heading into the month of December.

3. You Will Sleep Better.

A cluttered, disorganized house makes relaxation almost impossible. This is because our mind registers it a to-do, and for as long as it is not fulfilled, we experience a sense of guilt for not overcoming it when we have the time. Keeping your home nice and clean does not have to be time- and energy-consuming. You can tackle it in small, but regular intervals, like simply making your bed in the morning, reorganizing your accessories as you get ready, and tackling a few chores at a time whenever you take a break from work.

Your bedroom specifically, should be the most organized and clean, because getting a good night’s sleep is important to your overall welfare, for a well-rested body has been proven to generate low stress levels, positive emotions, and healthy habits. After all, no one wants to go home after a long day of work, to more work.

We want this upcoming break to be full of joy and healing, and regular, healthy sleeping habits and routines greatly affect the extent to which you will be able to spend it stress-free.

I’m sure that many of you may not know exactly where to start, so let’s introduce you to MyKuya, #YourHelpingHandOnDemand, where its app enables you to book various services designed to help you complete daily tasks, with not just one, but three of them aimed to help maintain your living space. Download it here.

The service you shall choose depends on your current needs. You can ask for Kuya and Ate’s help in cleaning the accessible areas around your home by selecting their Cleaning service, which involves the sweeping and mopping of floors, tidying up your shelves and desks, scrubbing bathrooms, decluttering, and many more. You can find the full description in the app.

Additionally, MyKuya also offers a Disinfectant service that enables Kuya and Ate to put on high-grade protective gear and give your house a thorough cleanse to remove unwanted germs and bacteria in both accessible and non-accessible areas. If your house is long overdue for a good deep clean, this may be the way to go.

Kuya and Ate believe that any kind of help they can give is valuable during this time because everyone deserves to have a restful holiday spent with your loved ones, whether it be physically or virtually. You can place a booking today and match with a Kuya or Ate, who will directly make their way to you and instantly be of assistance. You can also schedule ahead by filling out this form.

Have your home cleaned and tidied up before going into the greatly anticipated holiday state to ensure that you are pursuing a healthy lifestyle, and know that a helping hand is only one click away, so feel free to reach out to Kuya and Ate anytime. Good tidy-ings we bring, to you and your kin, MyKuya wishes you a Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year!


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