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Because Handwashing Alone Isn’t Enough, Here’s How to Deep Clean and Sanitize Your Homes

With COVID-19 being as widespread as it is, there have been increased efforts in promoting proper hygiene and sanitation practices. Almost everywhere you look, there’s a reminder to wash your hands, cover your face, and clean your things.

While people have taken to mass buying and bringing around alcohol and hand sanitizers, have you been keeping your house clean too?

Many of us have been mostly confined to our homes these past few days, and while we do our best to wash our hands and sanitize whenever we go out, we shouldn’t forget to do the same to our homes. This quarantine is the perfect time to deep clean our homes, checking out every nook and cranny and keeping them spotless.

Home away from home

Something people tend to overlook is deep cleaning their cars. Of course, many want their cars’ external features to be spotless, but we shouldn’t forget to keep the inside clean as well.

Those who go out often during this quarantine, whether it’s for work or for errands, they tend to spend a lot of time in their cars. They wash their hands before and after riding their vehicles, and may even keep a bottle of alcohol inside. However, it is still possible for other germs from the outside to stick to their clothes, and not cleaning the interior of their car can allow these dirt and bacteria to fester. This idea is something that you should think about whenever you go out and use your car as well.

Whenever possible, try to have the interior of your vehicle cleaned as well; have the aircons checked out and cleaned periodically, have the car rugs washed, and have the insides vacuumed too. Who knows, maybe that little knick knack you’ve been incessantly looking for in your car would pop up eventually!

Started from the top

First thing’s first, declutter what needs to be decluttered. Move things out of the way and organize them accordingly to your tastes. Throw away items you don’t need or use anymore, such as food especially if it’s past its expiry date. Cleaning and organizing your things can help simplify the deep cleaning process later on.

When cleaning your home, it’s important to start from the top. Clean ceilings, light fixtures, windows, and walls first before scrubbing the floor and tiles. Remember to wear breathable clothes when doing this, since it’s very likely you’ll be sweaty after!

Start with cleaning the common areas of your house first, the general places where you usually receive visitors or have them stay. After that, you can move onto the more specialized rooms, such as the bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen.

It’s not just the surface you have to clean, though. Don’t forget to remove your sheets after cleaning and change them with fresh ones.The bed is where you sleep, after all; it wouldn’t be good to let bacteria fester there where your bare skin is exposed! Flip your mattresses and air them out too, along with any rugs, carpets, and curtains you might be using. It’s also important that you have your pillows washed too whenever possible, and make sure they dry fully before using them again.

Make sure to clean your fans and aircons as well! Wipe your fans whenever you see dust building up on their blades to ensure they last long. On the other hand, you should clean your aircon regularly, as the build up of dirt inside can hamper its efficiency in the long run. For aircon cleaning services, most people hire outside help for it as it is a tedious process, and requires expertise.

Disinfecting and deep cleaning

In this time of “new normal”, the definition of cleaning has also taken a new form. Prior the pandemic, deep cleaning meant scrubbing and washing away the grime and dirt in homes and that would’ve been enough for many. Now, some people go the extra mile and disinfect their homes as well.

Although, disinfecting is not the same as deep cleaning. The Department of Health defines cleaning as “the removal of microbes, dirt, and impurities from the surface”. On the other hand, disinfecting refers to the “use of chemicals to kill microbes on surfaces”. Cleaning a surface does not necessarily kill the germs, and disinfecting a dirty surface does not necessarily mean that the surface will be clean. Both aim to lessen the microbes on a given area and together, doing them reduces the chances of infection greatly.

Before disinfecting your home, it would be better to have it already deep cleaned out so the disinfectant solution would be more effective. Commonly touched areas such as doorknobs, handles, faucet knobs, and light switches can become breeding grounds for bacteria, so they should be disinfected often.

At the tip of your fingertips

Doing all these alone can be quite tiring, especially if you plan to do these in one day. Luckily, there’s now the MyKuya app for all your needs, whether that’s car washing, deep cleaning, aircon cleaning, and disinfecting.

This quarantine, it can be hard to get help for all the cleaning you need to do. This is where MyKuya comes in. MyKuya is a service app that lets you hire personal assistants for virtually anything, including household maintenance services. Some of these services include the Car Wash service, Clean My AC service, Cleaning Service, and Disinfectant Service.

Just download the app here to get started today!

Taking all these steps in ensuring your cleanliness may seem troublesome, but in the end, the extra steps will be worth it. It won’t hurt to add that extra layer of protection in these trying times. We have to do all we can to ensure our safety and health, and like with most things, it all starts from the home. To help ensure your health and safety at home, MyKuya will be there for you every step of the way.


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