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Choosing the Right Courier Service for Your Startup

Making big decisions about the involvement of external parties to help make your business happen can be daunting. You most likely have no control over how they handle your goods, yet they play a big role in influencing the satisfaction levels of your customers.

Selecting the perfect courier service is arguably one of the most important processes requiring the most time and effort into researching the right routes, methods, and companies suitable for whatever it is you provide. This is because the shipping experience itself is part of the consumer journey.

A business that has been able to select a reliable courier service ensures the happiness of their customers. If the customers feel contented upon receiving the items they ordered, their intent to purchase again increases, calling for growth in repeat sales while possibly attaining word-of-mouth marketing on the quality of the overall experience.

There are overwhelmingly many courier options to choose from, and so we thought it would be useful to rate the different transport modes and brand options for each to help you make your decision today.

🚲 Green Transport

Modes of green transport include bikes, roller blades, scooters, and every other human-powered vehicle, which also includes on-foot travel. As the name suggests, it is the most environmentally friendly option in existence. These vehicles do not contribute to any damage since they do not run on any kind of fuel other than pure human energy.

They are also cost-effective for the many affordable options, as well as the lack of need for gas or most types of repairs and maintenance. You also would not have to worry too much about delays because most green vehicles are small and so, do not have to join the endless amount of cars on the road during peak hours.

Typically, drivers of green transport modes deliver one unit of an item at a time, so there is not much risk of item damage or loss. However, it also comes with the absence of space for packages with larger sizes or quantities. It is also limited to distances within a relatively small radius for its labor-intensiveness and reliance on weather conditions.

There aren’t a lot of companies that focus on providing this form of transport. This is because it is fragile, inconsistent, and easily impacted by outdoor circumstances. It is only fitting for one-time small-scale deliveries.

This option might be right for you if your business is still at its early stages of growth and you are looking for affordable, friendly options to transport your goods. You can recruit some family members or close friends to help you carry out the deliveries to households within your neighborhood and surrounding areas.

The small team you assemble for this can also be trained and tailored to present the best shipping experience possible to your customers to slowly build the ideal brand image of your startup.

🚚 Ground Transport

Anything involving machinery powering travel overland falls into the category of ground transport — that includes cars, vans, campers, buses, trucks, and trains.

Road freight is also a low-cost option that facilitates local deliveries requiring longer hauls compared to green transport. The coverage of these modes extends over a large surface area. As long as the destination is on the same land as the origin, ground transportation is a suitable choice.

Which vehicle you choose depends on the size and quantity of your products.

Take MyKuya’s MotoToday as an example. MotoToday is an affordable pick-up and drop service designed to deliver customers’ packages via motorbike. The size of a typical motorbike is small, therefore is suitable for shorter delivery hauls that need to be carried out quickly. Motorbikes come with the advantage of being able to zip through the gaps between stationary cars in the all-too-common traffic jams of Manila. If you are planning on slowly expanding your consumer base geographically, MotoToday provides a great service to help you get started.

On the other end of the spectrum, we have bigger vehicles, like trucks, vans, and railways. MyKuya recently launched its L300 Van delivery services and targeted for massive items and large order quantities. This service is perfect for those of you who are looking to either locally outsource the materials for your business in bulk, or send out your consumer goods in batches. MyKuya offers the option of making multiple stops to your bookings, and tracking the delivery progress itself through its app, so you can deliver to all your customers in one go!

The above transport options in this category are well-rounded, for their fairly vast coverage potential, high speed, good ease for tracing, and great accessibility, hence why it is the most common delivery mode today used by internet-based companies like MyKuya, as well as other businesses assisting consumers on a larger, regional basis.

🌏 International Transport

Overseas shipping via ocean or air freight is a highly costly transportation method, ideal for businesses that would like to make their products accessible internationally. Ships and airplanes can carry bulks and bulks of heavy items from multiple sources. Did you know that just one ship can carry up to 20 thousand twenty-foot equivalent units?

These vehicles are taken advantage of for their space and low-risk nature since they have evolved to become extremely safe forms of transportation that travel on readymade highways provided by naturally-occurring bodies of matter.

One considerable drawback is its difficulty of tracing and the possibility of items getting lost as postal services can be very hectic and turbulent.

This is not a recommended transport mode for startups because it is important for them to opt for faster, less costly couriers to contribute to delightful consumer journeys first while building up capital for future expansion into new grounds. Then, you would have the momentum to further your business opportunities in the world market with international transport.

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Every transport method has its own benefits and drawbacks, so I would like to remind you that finding the right courier service for your business is worth your time; You want to provide your customers with the best experience possible so that they would develop trust in your business and what it will become in the future.

Join MyKuya today to explore the transport options provided on the MyKuya app that may be perfect for your startup. We would be honored to assist you in ensuring the safe travels of your products to their destinations and help you grow your business the best we can.

Download the MyKuya app here.

For more information, check out our website or call us at +63 2 7238 5680.


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