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Client Success Story: Rustan's

Updated: Oct 2, 2020

How we helped one company with their last-minute delivery dilemma.

We’ve all had work days where we’ve felt like we’re stretched a little too thin. Days where new tasks and issues arise, all vying for our attention at the exact same time.

Managing business operations can come with so many of these unknowns. On a daily basis, there are always new challenges and unexpected tasks to be contended with. With ever-changing needs, it is a constant struggle trying to keep up and find the correct resources and people to get it done. Understandably, for any kind of business, this can put a stress on you and your team, hindering the success of your daily operations.

And hiring people for such on-demand needs — particularly with uncertainty about timelines or projects can be difficult, and ultimately use more resources than necessary, all while taking away from precious time and energy for the things you set out to do in the first place. It’s a frustrating cycle.

At MyKuya, we recognized this was a common issue. One that businesses of every size across the Philippines were struggling to keep up with. The question was simple;

“How can businesses get the on-demand labor they so desperately need?”

Earlier this year, Filipino company Rustan’s needed a solution to this question. Sasha Tan, Digital Ad and Promo Head, was looking for last-minute aid for delivering important packages throughout various areas of Metro Manila. It was a task that was time-sensitive, something which traditionally, would have been very difficult to source labor for.

That’s where we came in. At MyKuya, we provide ways for businesses to address these common issues. Providing a platform on which they can source labor for their unknown and fluctuating needs and desires, all while staying stress-free.

Knowing our reputation as #YourHelpingHandOnDemand, they reached out to us at MyKuya Enterprise Solutions, looking to us for assistance. We were able to provide them with a way to instantly connect and match with capable motorcycle riders for the job, something which usually, isn’t so easy. Despite the nature and time-pressure of the task, we were able to make sure that the important deliveries were successfully completed — leading our client to give us a glowing recommendation of our Partners and services.

For the team at MyKuya, it is always so pleasant for us to receive this kind of positive feedback, no matter how big or small the task may be. If we can provide a positive experience for the businesses using our platform, we’re doing our job successfully. Feedback from companies like Rustan’s mirror what we want to do for every business who connects with us. Find a way for them to confidently face new challenges in operations.

We want to be there regularly for businesses as the place they turn to whenever they need new support or have on-demand labor needs. You should be able to face your daily tasks knowing that we’re there.

Need help with your business? No matter what it is, visit us at or send us a message at letting us know what you need! We’ll be happy to assist you.

Originally published on May 7, 2019 at


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