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Flowers in Every Colour for All Souls’ Day

There are many preparations that need to be taken care of as we approach the month of November, and the holiday season altogether. With both All Saints Day and All Souls’ Day coming up, we have noted down some examples of flowers in every colour and their meanings to help you understand them ahead of these celebrations, so you can select the perfect bouquet of flowers to commemorate and cherish the memories of your loved ones who have departed.


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  • Rose, Lily, Daisies, Carnation, Chamomile, Gardenia

The calming, tranquil hues radiated by white flowers have allowed them to become one of the most popular floral choices. Not only do they bring in a harmonious and serene atmosphere that makes you think about the peaceful times you spent with a late loved one, they also highlight purity, innocence, and majesty they showcased in their lifetime.


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  • Rose, Peony, Tulip, Zinnia

Also a popular choice, pink flowers bring with them a very lively vibe because they signify kindness, grace, gentleness and love, no matter the shape. Pink flowers are diverse in shape: you can find ones with small, enclosed buds, as well as those with wide, open petals in full bloom. Opt for a pink bouquet if you want to show gratitude for the acts of service and loving personality of a family member or friend.


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  • Rose, Gladiolus, Poppy, Zinnia

A classic red expresses great feelings of love and respect to a deceased one. Red bouquets are commonly placed around the resting places of a family member or friend who displayed a lot of passion and dedication as a sign of appreciation and thanks. They are also often brought to articulate deep sorrow, bereavement, and grief for an important other.


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  • Zinnia, Lantana, Lily, Pansy, Tulip

This colour is bold, and vibrant. Its earthy, warm tone from being a combination of red and yellow expresses youthfulness and energy, hence why orange flowers represent the life of someone with incredible confidence, bravery, courage, and determination — someone who had such great enthusiasm and positive energy that could light up any scene.


© House Beautiful
  • Daffodil, Pansy, Rue, Sunflower, Tulip, Zinnia

Obviously a happy colour, yellow evokes notions of joy, lightheartedness, and smiles. It reminds one of all the laughter, happiness, and delight brought upon a lifetime friendship. Yellow flowers can turn a sad passing into a celebration of life — a celebration entailing your gratitude for the memorable events your friend allowed you to experience, and a bond that can never be broken.


© Sierra Flower Finder
  • Fern, Gladiolus, Hydrangea

Green is often associated with the gifts and grace of nature. It represents health, prosperity, and adventure, three key elements to a wholesome, fruitful life. Green flowers are the perfect gift to wish a late loved one a peaceful rest.


© ProFlowers
  • Forget-Me-Not, Hydrangea, Morning Glory, Rosemary

Commonly found in nature, namely the ocean and the skies, the cool hues in the colour blue is known to calm anxiety, and promote serenity, openness, and a peace of mind. Hence, blue flowers are a symbol for unconditional love and natural beauty. For All Souls’ Day, you can offer blue flowers to loved ones who you know have been there for you no matter what — loved ones you are eternally grateful for.


© ProFlowers
  • Hyacinth, Larkspur, Lilac, Orchid, Pansy, Iris, Tulip

Royalty, elegance, and pride — attributes embodied by this ornate colour. It is associated with integrity, promises, and success. Purple flowers in particular is known to be symbolic of achievement, perseverance, and reverence. One would present a purple bouquet to honor a family member or friend they are proud of and admire for everything they have achieved.

So, have you decided on the colours of your perfect bouquet for this years’ All Souls’ Day?

If you plan on making a purchase from your favorite florist but are not sure how you will have them delivered, MyKuya will be happy to do the job and take them to whoever they are destined for. All you need to do is place a booking for our Pickup & Drop service and we’ll be on our way.

Remember that All Souls’ Day is about love, family, and revisiting your roots — the people who shaped you into who you are today. Deceased or alive, bestow them a sincere thanks, or perhaps a little gift, a token of appreciation. Trust me, it will make all the difference.


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