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Get the most of the outside world from inside your home

Three months of quarantine is a long time to still be cooped up at home and a lot of us are just itching for the chance to step out. We know times are hard and as much as we would like to go out like we used to, it’s better that we continue staying indoors. But despite this, there are still so many ways we can get errands done or even turn a boring day into a fun one.

We at MyKuya are focused and driven more than ever to ensure that our customers and partners get the service that they paid for and more. From planning to organizing tasks, to choosing, screening, and hiring Kuyas and Ates that can be of assistance to our customers, the MyKuya team… nay, the MyKuya family works hard and pushes on harder than ever amidst the pandemic, to make sure that our end users get the best quality of assistance with just one book and one tap away.

Bringing more partners and services closer to everyone

We know not everyone lives or works near malls like SM, Robinsons, and Ayala Malls. To get around and still serve as many people as possible, we’ve expanded our list of mall partners to include San Lorenzo Place Mall and Ortigas Malls. After all, we miss visiting Greenhills and Tiendesitas and we figured our end users might miss them too.

Errands and deliveries will now be made easier as our customers can now have everything that they need from those establishments with the help of our Kuyas and Ates.

Aside from these partnerships, we also have repair services for anyone who needs help with fixtures at home or the office. We’ve onboarded some trusty handymen that can help resolve anyone’s repair or installation woes.

We have other MyKuya assistants who are ready to help our customers with any physical labor. With just a tap on our app, our customers can book a carpenter, electrician, plumber, and painter.

Never not productive at home

It won’t hurt to dream about the old normal — a time when we could all freely go outside, meet our friends, dine in, finish our errands, and shop to our heart’s content. But we know that that’s not completely possible now. It may not look like it but sometimes, staying indoors can become stressful too.

One of the tried and tested ways to combat stress and anxiety is through food. Some of our team members are especially into sweets, treating themselves to some cakes, pastries, and ice cream from perennial favorites Tous Les Jours, Pinkberry, and Gelatissimo, among other things.

We’ve also discovered that one of our favorite cookie makers, Aperitif, is now offering its chewy goodies at Family Mart. The cookies come in different flavors such as classic chocolate chip, Reese’s dark chocolate, white chocolate macadamia, and chocolate chip. It’s hard to resist temptation when it comes to sweets but worry not, we’re eating them moderately and leaving just enough for everyone else (wink).

But enough about these goodies. How about some drinks?

We found out that Macao Imperial Tea is offering a new line of refreshing fruit drinks. While it’s been raining every now and then in the Philippines, we’re mostly met with warm and sunny days. What better way to refresh on these hot days than with Macao’s fruit drink?

Of course, for more formal celebrations, we can’t just munch on these snacks. Because of the pandemic, birthday parties and even weddings got cancelled. While unfortunate, it’s better to avoid gathering in crowded places for now. We know it’s sad not being able to celebrate with our friends and family members, but that doesn’t mean we still can’t toast to our favorite days!

We’re happy to know that so many restaurants have already reopened for takeout and delivery, being just a call or a personal message away. Now we have no reason to postpone a feast at home! Don’t let the pandemic get in the way of a special event — the fact that it rarely comes is what makes it special.

Finally, celebrations are dull without gifts. Some of us may still be staying indoors but that doesn’t mean we can’t give meaningful things to the people we love. Perhaps a new set of clothes would be a good gift to give! Luckily, American Eagle is having a sale until July 26. Who says we can’t stay in style while in quarantine?

SM has got it all for you

One of our mall partners, SM, has revealed many exciting announcements recently. For one, they’re having a month-long promo this July. We know that SM stays true to their slogan, “we’ve got it all for you”, so we’re also looking forward to knowing what discounts and offerings they have for everyone.

SM Megamall, in particular, also just reopened their Food Hall! Hall-elujah! Some of the MyKuya team members are loyalists of food establishments there such as Farmery, Frankie’s, Miguelito’s, Sushi Nori, and Telmex.

We can’t wait to finally get our favorite meals and other goodies there!

End of an era but bigger things ahead

MyKuya was established thanks to one simple thought from our founder Shahab Shabibi: to extend a helping hand to those who need it.

“When I came to the Philippines, I realized that people always ask for things to a kuya on the street. They ask for his help. So I became a fan of the idea of having a kuya. And we said, ‘you know, why can’t we build that into our service?’” he stated.

Because of this, we’re always on the move to expand and improve our operations to best serve those in need. That’s why we moved to a new office so that we can work better and think of more ways to provide more services to our customers and partners.

As the MyKuya team takes a huge leap forward, we will never lose sight of why we started in the first place. Now more than ever, we want to give people a #HelpingHandOnDemand and continue to do so in the future.

For other information and inquiries, visit or contact us at


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