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Growing with our MyKuya Partners

Updated: Oct 2, 2020

No matter who you are, you should always be given opportunities to learn more. Whether you weren’t able to finish your studies, or have worked 10 jobs in your lifetime, there is always room to grow. At MyKuya, this is something we greatly believe in for our partners, giving them the resources needed to better their skills, and in turn, their futures.

After being in service for over 16 months, this is something we have seen in so many of our Ates and Kuyas — this passion to reach and even exceed their potentials.

Take Ate Racquel for instance, who at 30 years old got her very first job as a MyKuya Partner. With her husband working abroad, she hadn’t been able to gain any experience elsewhere, focusing first on raising her child. When the time came for her to join MyKuya, she simply started off with housekeeping tasks, anxious to try anything beyond her skill level. However, when she was offered a short stint as an encoder, she took it. After getting over her fears, she was able to be trained and can now say she has happily expanded on her skills.

For students, MyKuya can become another avenue for improving upon their skills, proving that school isn’t the only place for learning. Ate Shaina, a student partner, expressed her gratitude for working at MyKuya, saying that she was instilled “with a strong passion for learning” upon joining. Throughout her time on-the-job she not only discovered new places and improved upon her communication skills but was also able to gain the important values of perseverance and honesty, which she feels will help set her up for success in her future.

Even Kuya Rogel, an established caregiver, found that he still had more to learn. When he was referred to join MyKuya, he saw it through the lens of taking on new challenges and quests. Each job became an adventure for him or an opportunity for him to learn something new. His confidence and communication skills were able to greatly improve with us, as he got more used to getting outside of his comfort zone. He was even able to display his musical talent on tasks, building his self-esteem as he went along.

At MyKuya, we cannot help but feel so motivated by every single one of these stories. They are a testament to what we want to build at MyKuya, a place where everyone can succeed. It reminds us to remain committed to our mission #OnTheRoadTo1MillionJobs and to provide real sustainable opportunities to each and every person who needs it.

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