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MyKuya 3.0 — We Are Sharing The Journey with You & We Mean it!

Updated: Oct 2, 2020

The new version of MyKuya was built upon the foundation of collaboration. #RoadToOneMillionJobs is calling you!

How it All Started

On September 1, 2017 we launched the most bare-bone version of our app that was built in just 2 months. It wasn’t the most perfect app and it hardly had any major features but it was enough to get us going.

Our goal was to understand the things you cared about the most and incorporate it in how MyKuya does things.

We got thousands of messages from our customers. We interviewed thousands of Kuyas & Ates to see what they needed the most. We talked to hundreds of SMEs & corporations to feel the inefficiencies in their day-to-day operations and grasp the opportunities in their field.

We patiently documented all of these inputs and made it our design criteria to create a version of MyKuya that is built upon the foundation of collaboration.

We wanted to ultimately use the power of humans and technology coming together to create a platform that helps all our stakeholders.

MyKuya Enterprise Solutions

In April 2018 we launched MyKuya Enterprise Solutions to offer hassle-free and flexible people solutions to companies and that became the core of our operations as our Research & Development team was building MyKuya 3.0 behind the scenes.

With just 15 people in our team and in just less than 1 year, we have served over 100 companies and saved them more than 100,000 hours. These are fantastic numbers that we are extremely proud of.

MyKuya 3.0

Today, after 16 months since our initial kick-off, we are excited to share with you the version that we have been building all along!

We have created an in-app waitlist to accept customers gradually and have prioritized launching an Android app first.

This is to make sure everyone with an activated account can get the best experience possible. We do not want to take in more customers than we can handle and we hope you understand & be patient with us in this process.

Starting February 14, 2019, we will begin to activate the first batch of accounts that will be using our new app.

You can sign-up now to get a spot on our waitlist, this will take 4–6 weeks and then you will get a notification once your account is activated!

Our Commitment to You

Due to nature of new technologies, we expect some initial hiccups but our promise to you is that we will be there to offer real-time support during office hours to make sure that things go as smooth as possible. We even provided an in-app chat support to make it super easy for anyone to talk to us!

MyKuya isn’t free of issues and bugs just yet. During this time please share with us any issues or suggestions that you have & we will promise to resolve it as soon as possible!

This is what we mean by sharing the journey with you.

Help us make MyKuya succeed by giving your feedback and sharing your insights and we will be there by your side!

Collaborate with us

One app, many ways to help!

  • Use MyKuya app as a customer and give us feedback and input using our in-app support to make MyKuya better!

  • Get MyKuya Enterprise Solutions for your company to get the people you need, just when you need it!

  • Become a Kuya/Ate by signing-up to be a MyKuya Partner!

  • Join our growing team on the #RoadToOneMillionJobs!

Originally published on February 5, 2019


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