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MyKuya: A Quarantine Essential You Didn’t Know You Need

Recent events have changed our lifestyles, pushing us to adjust to the new normal that discourages large gatherings and travel to protect the lives of the more vulnerable.

At some point since lockdown rules were applied, you may have asked yourselves: “How am I supposed to completely change my daily routine for the stay-at-home order?” I am sure we’ve all missed that feeling of being able to go outside whenever we desire, having shopping sprees with friends, and conversing with extended family members around the dining table.

Yeah, I feel you.

One thing that has greatly helped many to cope with the effects of self-isolation is MyKuya,“Your Helping Hand in Demand.”

How? MyKuya is an app you can download and use to receive the assistance you need almost instantly for as low as just PHP49.

Founded in 2017, the app was built by the people for the people, specifically to provide aid for those who need help completing daily tasks ranging from running errands and accepting lunch deliveries to completing professional needs. MyKuya prioritizes personality, transparency, familiarity, and authentic relationships.

Ever since lockdown was announced, many have felt the pressure to stay inside and contribute to flattening the curve. In response to the order, MyKuya experienced a surge in demand.

Here’s why people have found them to be useful:

When you are overwhelmed…

The demands of this new normal can be hard on many of us, especially when we suddenly are required to take on many tasks, like having to adapt with remote learning while taking care of your loved ones. Let MyKuya help you relieve some of your burdens.

For those living far away from home, you can’t have your family’s cooking every day. But you can ask them for their recipes and order the ingredients with the help of Kuya and Ate.With familiar faces being absent during this time, MyKuya would love to help you feel more at ease.

When you are busy…

The 24/7 home life, or life in general, can be a lot. However, during busy times, you should always remember to put yourself first. MyKuya is happy to help you do some of your daily tasks like fetching your groceries while you finalize that business proposal you have been working hard on for days!

The Kuyas and Ates are cheering for you and are ready to assist, whether that is doing the laundry or helping you rearrange your home so you can work or study more comfortably until everything fully reopens again. After all, I think all of us need a bit of a fresh home makeover.

When you are stuck…

If it is risky to leave the house when the welfare of you and the people in it is uncertain, don’t. It is important to note that getting help may have become difficult with businesses halting their operations as a response to government advice. So consider us an extension of your arms.

Whether it be errands, or picking up the counterparts of a perfect birthday celebration, Kuya and Ate have your back. They know the importance of family and having a community to fall back onto when in need, and they want to be just that.

On top of that…

Kuya and Ate found that their help is especially important in the current crisis we are in We are passionate on uplifting the importance of family and relationships. Therefore, during this hectic time, we would like to offer our support through this crisis. Like a real brother and sister would. Let us go through this hand-in-hand.

As a company, MyKuya strives to give back to the country by creating job opportunities anyone can undertake while helping you get things done. We believe that by offering these services, we will achieve a friendly, benefiting outcomes for our Kuyas and Ates, and all of you.

Help us on our #RoadTo1MillionJobs Journey. Para Sa Bayan. In favor of everyone.

Download MyKuya here:

For more information, Check out our website or call us at +63 2 7238 5680


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