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Protect Your Loved Ones at Home With the Help of MyKuya

Summer is definitely over as our days are now full of gray skies and cold weather. The rainy season is rolling in and it’s getting harder and harder to get the things that we need, what with the COVID-19 pandemic still in our midst. But nonetheless, we still try to make the best of what we can do every day.

No matter what season or the situation, MyKuya is always here to take care of everyone’s personal needs, whether it’s a stay-at-home mom who needs help getting groceries, an office worker who needs to quickly pay bills or a young entrepreneur who needs a helping hand in handling orders and stocks.

Through our services, we help others do more of what matters to them.

MyServices on demand

The MyKuya team understands that it’s more important than ever to stay safe, clean, and healthy these days. The pandemic has made us all want to disinfect our safe spaces and protect our loved ones from contracting the virus. With many people going back to their workplaces as well, it’s more important than ever that they become conscious of what they bring in from the outside.

With that said, we rolled out a disinfectant service to help anyone sanitize their homes. In this way, MyKuya is able to help families or individuals feel relieved staying in a clean and safe home.

Aside from this, we’re seeing more and more people getting busy again — more entrepreneurs are finally setting up their businesses and employees are occupied at work as well. There’s now less time to attend to personal errands. We at the MyKuya HQ know definitely what it’s like to be swamped as well.

That’s why our Assistant on Bike service is always ready for anyone who needs a quick helping hand! Our customers won’t have to worry about completing too many errands in different locations as our Kuyas and Ates can take care of them in a jiffy!

Aside from this, we noticed that our Pabili service is being booked by many of our users these days as well. We know it’s convenient for everyone, but even more so for new parents who can’t go out for a quick run in the mall to get essentials for their babies. Luckily, we discovered that Baby Company is offering pickups for orders! Even better is that the store is located in some of our mall partners such as SM Supermalls and Ortigas Malls.

What a good and safe way to treat our little angels!

Also, just the other day, we found something that will definitely help the environment in a good way, which is that Cleene now has refill stations for its ethyl alcohol. We know this is great and exciting news for fellow eco-warriors who are trying to reduce plastic use.

Not only do Cleene’s refilling stations help everyone replenish their alcohol supply, but they also help save the environment one bottle at a time. It’s always a good day to reduce or prevent the use of more plastic. Our Mykuya personal assistants can definitely help us out with this one!

There’s never been a better time to eat than now

Like always, the MyKuya team is on the lookout for trends and any new sweet treats that we can get our hands on. One of the many things that we discovered (and have actually come to love so much these days) is egg tarts. It started with a random craving by one of our team members and next thing we knew, everyone had a box of egg tarts in their hands!

Some of the stores that we discovered that sell amazing and egg-cellent (pun intended) egg tarts are Tarts Tita,, and GATS Premium Egg Tarts. We figured it’s a good way for us to help small businesses by ordering from them as well. Not only did we get to eat some tasty egg tarts that melt in our mouth, but we were also able to help these shops get by during this difficult time. It’s always a good day to help a small business.

We’re also into Basque burnt cheesecake these days. We know that cheesecake isn’t new, but it’s definitely never not a good time to have it anyway! We discovered that Sourdough Cafe Deli is one of the many great places to buy Basque burnt cheesecake in the metro. In case anyone needs to celebrate a special occasion or just want to have a rewarding sweet pastry at the end of the day, a Basque burnt cheesecake is the best option.

Of course, since we’re talking about dessert and sweet snacks, we need to include Family Mart’s cookies in this conversation. We’re actually glad to know that they released new flavors: dark chocolate cranberry and white choco almond cookies. We’re definitely calling dibs on them next time we crave for some chewy and gooey goodness!

Like we mentioned before, the rainy season has rolled in. What better way to spend cold afternoons than by warming them up with a nice, hot bowl of ramen? Luckily, The Grid’s Tsukemen now offers tsukemen and ramen kits for anyone who wants to dine in the comfort of their own homes. We at the MyKuya team know that we’re definitely getting ramen kits ourselves.

It’s always a good time to chill and have a bowl of hot noodles in our hands!

There’s no doubt that things will get trickier as the pandemic, paired with the rainy season, continues to prevent everyone from leaving their homes without feeling like they’ll somehow contract the virus. But like always, MyKuya is here to extend a helping hand to those who need it. Our Kuyas and Ates are always happy to provide meaningful help to all the busy bodies out there.

For other information and inquiries, visit or contact us at


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