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Slick or Suave? 8 Signature Cuts for the Modern Manileño

There is a lot more that goes into the right haircut than meets the eye. If we were to get into the finer details of it and break down the anatomy of a perfect cut, you need to consider the shape of your head, jawline, and the length and texture of your hair when achieving a look that works best for you.

As simple as a haircut is, it can tell you a lot about a man. It can give you hints about his job, the music he listens to, and the sports he might play. It can also often suggest some of his hobbies or even his hygiene. Whether short, long, faded, buzzed or spiked, each men’s hairstyle tells a certain story, so let’s make sure that yours is telling the right one.

There will never be that one perfect haircut that’s suited for everyone, and that’s more than welcome. The opportunities are endless when it comes to recreating yourselves. Be inspired, be bold and be fearless when trying something new!

This being said, here are a few options for short- and medium-length hair that would hopefully inspire your next hair crusade:

  1. The French Crop/Textured Crop

This classic cut is made up of short backs and sides, with enough length on the top that you can play with. This style has seen a resurgence as of late and is becoming more mainstream. It’s relatively low-maintenance and perfect for people with sculpted jaw-lines and a prominent brow. If you opt to go with this haircut, and come to the feeling that you don’t like it, then c’est la vie. Let it grow out and try again next time. One thing is for sure though — you’ll be one of very few people rocking this incredibly daring look.

This hairstyle is a revamped version of the ‘high and tight’ and has been one of the more popular haircuts for men in 2020. Like many other classic hairstyles, it reemerged as a cool, modern style for men. It’s similar to the ‘french crop’ with short back and sides but with a close cut on top too. It’s ideal for a more rigid, square jaw-line and larger forehead.

This hairstyle is a staple and should be one that every barber in the world knows. This is a truly low-maintenance haircut you can even do yourself in the comfort of your own home (if you’re still iffy about going outside because of the pandemic). There’s not a lot required to make a buzz cut look good — it goes with any hair type, hair color, and face shape. Anyone can rock this look — if you’re brave enough to do it that is, so heed this warning. This isn’t for the faint of heart. Either fully commit to it or bust.

It’s true that just about anyone can achieve this look, but if you happen to have curlier hair, then this might not be for you. It’s especially good for guys with a high or receding hairline. It’s similar to an undercut and you can play around with the length to see what works best for you. This is for guys who, admittedly, pay a little too much attention to their hair, and are generally prepared to shell out some hard-earned pesos on the cut itself and high-quality pastes or pomades of their choosing.

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There’s absolutely nobody more iconic who had this hairstyle than the King himself, Elvis Presley. This hairstyle includes sweeping the hair up and away from the face and maintaining short backs and sides combined with a crisp fade and the signature quiff on top. It’s been modified over the past few years, but nonetheless, it remains as a must-have haircut for people with a more oval-shaped head.

If you’re a rebel at heart, but need to keep that edgy side of you within for your 9–5, an extremely stylish fauxhawk (fohawk) is the best of both worlds. A cut that can be styled modestly during the day and transformed into something entirely different by night, it’s well-suited for oval, round and square face shapes. It pays to not overdo this haircut though. You want to look good, not be the butt of the joke. You know the one I’m talking about, “patay ang butiki”.

This is probably one of the most popular trends in men’s hair today. A fade, though sometimes subtle but striking, is essentially an upgraded version of the short back and sides style that one would typically get. It can give you a unique look and new depth to your favorite hairstyles whichever type you choose to go with.

This is a perfect hairstyle for those who have embraced life in lockdown and realized that they look good with longer hair. This overall look is classy and formal, yet sexy and cool all out once. Fortunately, it’s a haircut that goes with all face shapes and how you style it is completely up to you.

As you can see, there are a plethora of different styles and variations you can choose even from just one haircut alone, and that’s not something you should shy away from. Go crazy and get adventurous with it! It’s a perfect time to experiment and explore looks and styles that you’ve never known or been too afraid to try. Hopefully, this has inspired you and will help you pick out your next image towards a newer, fresher self in 2020.

However, it’s understandable if you’re still on the fence about making the trip to your favorite shop and seeing your long-time barber again. Luckily, MyKuya has rolled out barber services! Now, you don’t have to second guess yourself about getting that signature haircut you know and love.

What are you waiting for? Download the MyKuya app now and enjoy barber services from one the most well-regarded barbershops here in the Metro, Felipe and Sons Barberdashery! You’ll find a lot more than that in there, that’s a guarantee!


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