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The Workspace of Your Dreams: Things You Need to Make It A Reality

This quarantine, the one thing students and workers have in common today is that they’re both studying and working from home. As long as community quarantine rules are in place, many of us remain stuck inside our homes for an indefinite period of time. Students everywhere are taking online classes, while many of those who are part of the workforce have transitioned to remote working.

Some people would probably find working from home a dream — they get to stay at home, wear whatever they want most of the time, skip out on travel costs, and have everything within an arm’s reach. The reality is that working from home isn’t as easy as what it sounds to be; a lot of outside factors have to be considered when working from home, and one of those is your environment. Sure, you’re all ready to go to that online class or meeting, but if your environment isn’t conducive for any productivity, then it’s all a waste.

Before anything else, you have to set up a workspace of your own. Set up a clean slate by removing distractions from your workspace, and hide or dispose of things that aren’t conducive to your work. Afterwards, build the environment you think you’d work well in, whether that means buying new furniture and office supplies, repainting your area or just simply rearranging stuff you already own.

Additionally, check around the house if you have anything that needs repairing or refurbishing. You have the option to reuse whatever is available to you, of course! It’s very possible that you can just use something that you already have and give it a fresh second life with some carpentry here and there. Some woodwork and resizing of old furniture can go a long way, after all!

‘Wood’ you look at that!

If you’d rather buy new pieces though, then a good place to start with is wooden pieces.

Wooden tones never fail to spice things up. Really, nobody can go wrong with wood: it’s elegant, universal, and timeless. With how durable they are, if taken care of properly, wood products can last years.

Keeping it simple

If you’re not into the rustic wood aesthetic, you can try going for something more modern. Minimalist black-and-white workspaces have been proven to help increase productivity as it promotes an organized and distraction-free space and mind.

This setup is clean, sleek, and free of clutter. It’s perfect for when you just want to stay in the zone and be free from distractions. Plus points if you situate this kind of workspace near a window, so you’ll always have access to that fresh and invigorating sunlight.

Comfort and functionality

After getting your table, it’s time to find a chair. Sitting is a generally comfortable act, but remote work has people sitting for hours on end. Anything done in excess is not good, and sitting for hours with the wrong kind of chair can affect your posture negatively. Not all chairs can be comfortable for extended periods of time, so it may be time to search for a specific chair just for your remote work needs.

Ideally, it would be best to invest in an ergonomic chair so that your back will have the support and comfort it needs. Having armrests is also a huge advantage, as your arms need the support too (and you can feel like a boss having them!). If you find your chair too boring, you can always add a blanket or a pillow for that extra comfort and flair.

For your furniture shopping and assembly needs, whether you’re a young adult living alone or a student living with your family, you can download the MyKuya App for that. MyKuya is a super-service app where you can hire professional help for different errands, and one of which is the delivery service they offer via L300 vehicles.

After you receive your furniture, it’s finally time to set everything up. For that, MyKuya also offers carpentry and handyman assistance. With Kuya Carpenter and Kuya Handyman, you can have your new furniture set-up and old furniture repaired, hassle-free.

Once you have your chair and table all set up, you can start prepping for work. Layout your computer and your gadgets as you fit, as well as any notebooks and pens you might need later on.

Organization and decoration

Add some shelves to your workspace to organize those office supplies so they don’t take up too much space. You can also use these to store your chargers, adapters, and earphones.

Though the main goal is to stay focused and decluttered, adding some decorations to your workspace won’t hurt anybody! Hanging some wall decor would work well with any work setup; this way, you can still keep your desks clean and provide yourself some extra storage or design. Just remember to get enough decor to brighten up your day, not distract you. You can also give life to old household materials and decor with some paint and repair, or maybe even build something new entirely. Some go the extra mile and paint their home office spaces; they get some accent walls done, painting only one section of their walls with a splash of color and design to stand out. Others repaint existing furniture to give them that new, fresh look without having to buy new pieces.

To cater to any painting needs you might have, MyKuya also offers the Kuya Painter Service. Kuya Painter can paint any surface possible, and the surface is inclusive of surface curing as well.

Whether you need help with shipping, assembling, and painting, you can have an all-in-one assistance service right at your fingertips with MyKuya. Give them a tap on the app and get your workspace all freshened up with the help of MyKuya partners to help make your work-from-home experience as easy and hassle-free as possible.

Just because we’re stuck at home doesn’t mean you won’t be able to get things done anymore.

Once you set your environment right to your liking and needs, working from home will be a lot easier in the long run!

Download the app here to get started on your dream workspace today!


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