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Trying new things out of your comfort zone with MyKuya

As community quarantine continues on for many, the longer it is that we’re expected to stay at homes. However, this doesn’t mean we can’t try out and explore new things that are out of our comfort zone.

Getting into new endeavors can be nerve-racking since we don’t know what can happen, but don’t worry, MyKuya will be there for you every step of the way! MyKuya has been, and will always be there for you through anything, anytime and anywhere.

MyUpdates from MyKuya

This month, we’re happy to announce new projects and a new partnership. For entrepreneurs entering the business scene and need help on handling their growing business, MyKuya has them covered! The MyKuya SME Club is an exclusive online peer-support community for small and medium-sized business entrepreneurs. This group aims to help fellow business owners bond together and help each other out with securing connections and promoting their brands.

We’ve also opened applications for our #MyInfluencer! As the MyKuya social media ambassador, the #MyInfluencer can enjoy free premium services, ambassador-exclusive perks and benefits, brand co-promotion and maybe be our next collaborator. Interested influencers can sign up here.

On our website, we’ve also put up our new Help Center page, where we answer frequently asked questions about MyKuya, the app, our advocacies and projects, and our partners, among other things. Transparency is at the forefront of our business. So whatever inquiry anyone has, we surely have the answer to it.

This coming October, we’ll also be launching a new partnership with Globe for a promo that can help our clients, especially business owners, with their daily tasks. MyKuya app users need only to download the Globe Rewards App and redeem the MyKuya voucher, which is valid from October 15, 2020 to December 31, 2020 only. The special voucher can also only be used once for the Assistant on Bike and BizHelper services, two of the most essential services for business owners today! Lastly, the promo is valid for all Metro Manila payments made through either MyKuya’s web or mobile app only.

MyKuya Reporting for Duty

As more and more people engage in online shopping, we know how things can get at the office. To help with that, we’re introducing our new office assistant services! Now, office workers can have an extra helping hand with keeping things in order, making business operations run smoother.

We’re also rolling out our new L300 services to assist in entrepreneurs with their large-scale delivery needs, whether it’s picking up raw materials, transferring inventory, or delivering bulk orders. With MyKuya, we want to make things easier for business owners, and help them grow their enterprise to be the best that they can be.

We’ve also heard how some of you have been complaining about the lack of hair services recently, so we decided to bring the hair services to you instead! MyKuya has recently partnered with Felipe and Sons to bring you your long-awaited haircut and hairstyle in the comfort of your own home.

Since we’re still in the midst of the pandemic, our partners are also equipped with their own PPEs and sanitized equipment, so MyKuya users won’t have to worry about hygiene. Our partner barbers can also give head and shoulder massages upon request, giving MyKuya users a great at-home barber service experience.

Never a Dull Day with MyKuya

We’re happy that Robinsons Malls have pickup stations, which are a great way for our Kuyas and Ates to pick up everything MyKuya users need while observing social distancing. MyKuya users need only to give their preferred store a call to set their order, and use the MyKuya app to pick it up and deliver their order. Ah yes, convenience at its finest!

There’s so many things we can get at any of the Robinsons Malls, but there are also small businesses out there who offer just as exciting treats as those in malls.

For example, we found out recently that there’s an ongoing trend right now all over the internet: South Korea’s minimalist cakes! Us the MyKuya team love the design of these cakes as they’re so lovely to look at. These minimalist cakes are a great new way for bakers to try making different designs for their own cakes. For that case, they can definitely book MyKuya to help them shop for ingredients.

But for those who prefer to just buy the cakes, though, that’s perfectly fine too! For any sort of celebration soon, it would be good to treat the celebrant with a minimalist cake from shops like Wadough’s, Blue Mittens Bakeshop, Sweets by Jins, or Sweetness by Tess. Just give them a call, and then ask a MyKuya partner to deliver the order.

On the other hand, for those who want to spice up their personal meals and miriendas, they can try making burgers instead! But not just regular burgers. Some unique and easy burger recipes we suggest are this taco stuffed burger, this cheesy breakfast burger, and this pizza burger. Of course, MyKuya can also help with this through the grocery delivery services. MyKuya users only need to prep their shopping list and we’ll do the rest.

Whatever it is you want to try your hand at this quarantine, MyKuya has you covered. This is why we try to have different services that can cater to different needs and people; MyKuya strives to have something for many Filipinos — from small business owners needing help at their offices to regular people who just want to try something new.

We will always do our best to accept any request, whenever and wherever! This quarantine, what’s important is we support each other, and MyKuya’s Kuyas and Ates will support you those in need in any way.

For more information & inquiries visit or contact us at

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