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We’ve Got it All For You: SM Supermalls Partners With On-Demand Service Provider MyKuya

Several establishments such as malls and restaurants in areas under enhanced community quarantine in the Philippines have recently resumed operations to respond to growing demand from consumers. With proper measures in place such as social distancing cues and a limit on the number of people that are allowed inside, these commercial establishments can safely accommodate customers looking into buying essentials from them. However, while citizens have grown excited about this movement, some are still seeking ways to avoid going outside for health and safety reasons.

This arrangement has sparked hope in MyKuya, a Filipino app that provides various on-demand services. Based in BGC, the app allows users to book personal assistants, dubbed Kuyas and Ates, to run their errands such as getting groceries, delivering food, and completing other errands on a motorbike. MyKuya currently serves the entire Metro Manila, as well as select areas in Mega Manila.

When the ECQ started, MyKuya ramped up its services to help people confined indoors to do their errands and pick up their groceries. Because of its convenient on-demand offerings, MyKuya saw a spike in demand for its services at the infancy of the ECQ, making the company inspired to continue expanding its horizons for the comfort of the Filipino people.

With more businesses and establishments opening their doors to consumers and offering take out and delivery services, MyKuya has found a way to enable brick-and-mortar retailers to go online in as little as 24 hours.

SM Supermalls recently partnered with MyKuya and is now live on the MyKuya App. Through the partnership, users can tap the Mega Shopper icon in the app and book a Kuya or Ate to purchase goods that are currently available in the mall. One unique feature of this partnership is that the Kuyas and Ates can skip lines through the Express Lane when the user hires a SM shopper. Another is that consumers can purchase items from multiple stores through one booking, streamlining the entire process of the errand. And in cases where cash purchases might exceed PHP1,000, users can transfer additional money to their Kuya or Ate through GCash or hand the petty cash when the partner rider goes to them first. This entire process leads to a faster experience for the consumer while driving traffic to the mall.

“As we continue to find ourselves under quarantine, MyKuya is working hard to provide convenient and sure services to our customers. We actually see more and more users download and use the app every day and this encourages us to ramp up our services further,” said MyKuya founder Shahab Shabibi, “By partnering with SM, we are able to provide our customers the convenience and safety that they seek during these difficult times when it comes to getting their desired food and other products.”

Through the partnership, MyKuya is able to give its users more options of stores to shop from and the ability to get essentials while staying indoors for the remaining days of ECQ and the possible general community quarantine. This also helps consumers avoid the hassle of going through checkpoints and staying in line at the grocery or other establishments for hours. Having a personal assistant additionally keeps users from going outside where they could possibly contract COVID-19 from another person.

“At MyKuya, we are always committed to helping those in need, which of course includes Filipinos who seek safer and more convenient means to attain the goods they need to weather the pandemic. We want to assure everyone that they are not alone and that MyKuya will always be there to save the day,” Shabibi said.

As a company that brings value to its employees as well, MyKuya assures that its partner riders are equipped with the necessary supplies and protective equipment such as face masks, sanitizers, and gloves to do their jobs safely and protect themselves from possible contraction of COVID-19. The Kuyas and Ates, who are working as volunteer partners, also observe social distancing and routine temperature checks.

“We are happy entering this partnership with SM. In difficult times like this where most of us are confined to our homes and have limited means to acquire essentials, delivery and other on-demand services such as the ones provided by MyKuya are more important now than ever. We are also pleased to support SM in its rapid digital transformation during this critical time,” Shabibi added.


MyKuya is a Filipino super app that lets users hire personal assistants on demand. Founded in 2017 by Machine Ventures and the team behind SMS-based personal concierge HeyKuya, MyKuya aims to provide value to every Filipino — helping customers save time in completing their errands, enable manpower businesses to grow and digitize their operations, and provide unemployed and under-employed Filipinos full-time and part-time job opportunities.

For more information & inquiries we invite you to explore or contact us at


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