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What Gift-Giving Will Look Like This Year

The ability to give is a blessing. Imagine presenting someone you care for with an item that you put a lot of thought and care into. Their mood lifts up and their hearts melt.

Finding the ‘perfect’ gift may be tough, but let me tell you this: a gift goes a long way. History has proven that gifts improve relationships and repair wrongdoings — for gifts reflect one’s feelings of love towards another.

Indeed, considering the climate we are in, many of us are conflicted, perhaps a little blue, that we can’t pay a visit to the people we care for and exchange presents this upcoming Christmas season as tradition calls for.

We are encouraged to stay in, stores are closed, everyone’s health is on the line.

It is no doubt that this Christmas is bound to look a little different.

How can we give gifts with the stay-at-home order in play? I’d like to introduce you to MyKuya, #YourHelpingHandOnDemand.

MyKuya is an app that houses Kuyas and Ates, partners ready to stand by you in fulfilling whatever that is you need, from food deliveries to hands-on tasks that need completing. Like real brothers and sisters, they understand the value of family and friends and are happy to offer their hands to you during this hectic time.

So, cheer up. Let’s not let the pandemic stop us from having a meaningful celebration.

Safely, of course. Here’s how.

🌟 What’s on everybody’s wish list?

A trick to ensure that someone is happy with their gift is to give them what they want. Simple.

There’s nothing that could ever match the anxiety of not having presents ready to send out. Christmas is right around the corner, you better start making a list of gifts you want to give away!

You may not be able to go outside to buy everything yourself until everything fully reopens, but rest assured that Kuya and Ate are happy to deliver everything on your list to your doorstep, well before your Secret Santa plans are due!

🎁 It doesn’t have to be extravagant

A beautiful gift comes from the heart. Whether it be a personal letter or a department store gift card. It’s the thought that matters.

Operating since 2017, Kuya and Ate have been displaying their passion for community through providing aid for simple needs and support to anyone who needs it.

Like any act of kindness, reassurances are never too small.

Let those you love know that they are loved.

Let Kuya and Ate bring them the good news.

🎄 Send over something to make

You may be thinking about someone who has to go through this special season alone.

Make them smile and pre-occupy their free time with some fun activities. Personally, I think giving someone some fairy lights and ornaments (and maybe even a Christmas tree?) could turn the quiet atmosphere of their living space around.

You can also send them some dry ingredients for some Christmas cookies, or materials for a jolly advent calendar to hype things up.

The assembly of these gifts can also be done with the help of Kuya and Ate, especially since the absence of faces during such a festive season can be disheartening to those feeling lonely. Kuya and Ate are glad to be there for them and offer an enjoyable time at home.

❄ Plant a surprise!

Some of the best gifts are the ones that come with an enjoyable time.

If you are or will be away for the holidays for your studies or work and there isn’t much you can do for your family, you can still give them a memorable gift to end what has been an incredibly insane year.

You can surprise them with a Christmas Eve care package, one that is filled with festive goodies, like pajama sets and comfortable clothing that will keep them cozy all throughout the winter months, as well as some essential needs to keep them safe and healthy in the midst of this turbulent time.

Know that Kuya and Ate are passionate about family and relationships, too; and trust that they will assemble and deliver your package, no matter the size, safely and soundly.

🍷 Also, don’t forget to treat yourself

MyKuya wants to remind you that you have done well this year.

Together, we have come a long way since the Taal volcano eruption, pushing through one obstacle after another hand-in-hand. All we can say is, what a ride has it been.

Now that we are entering the final stages of 2020, you should give yourself a pat on the back. Take a deep breath and smile over the things that have made you happy. Perhaps, get yourself that article of clothing you’ve been eyeing, or that meal you’ve been craving.

Know that whatever you want or need this Christmas is just one click away. Whenever you are ready, Kuya and Ate will be there at your assistance and ready to reward you for your hard work.

MyKuya wishes you Happy Holidays and a healthy rest-of-the-year. We would love to be a part of your gift-giving journey this Christmas.

You may not be able to go on a weekend trip to Tagaytay to see the stars or go around the dining table stating what you are grateful for this year around your loved ones, but you, most definitely, can show them that your hearts are still one.

After all, distance is just a test of how far love can travel.


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