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Hair Care: Quarantine Edition

With the quarantine still in place, going to that regular trip to the salon is still a risky thing to do.

All the while, hair continues to grow but not getting the treatment it has been used to. Like any problem, there are a few solutions you can choose from and we have seen some pretty resourceful and creative remedies for you.

Breaking Bald

You like to keep things simple and straightforward so you go for your electric razor and just go for the extreme: shaving it all off.

Even though we can’t see them in the flesh, we know that friends and relatives have been doing this and it works. Easy maintenance and even lets you keep cool in this tropical heat — presko diba?

We won’t be going out on social gatherings for a while so it’s really not a big deal if you go for this now unless you would rather grow a man bun than lose your mane, then in that case…

Let it Grow

On the other end of the spectrum, growing out your hair can be the new look you’ve been searching for. Continue your personal hair care and grooming routine and finally get the man bun in your man cave, just make sure that you manage it properly. Why?

It would take you an average of 6 months to get to that proper length when you can finally have that top knot so there’s some things to consider while the man bun is not yet there. And the first thing is really, you got to have a lot of patience.

Second, be prepared for awkward stages in hair length, but remember that we do have a long way to go before we actually go about the city like we used to, so hang in there! For the third and last tip under this hair journey: less shampoo, more conditioner. Your growing hair needs the natural oils in keeping your scalp healthy and hydrated. It’s basically better for the bun.

That’s a lot of maintenance right there and if you are neither breaking bald nor letting it grow, then…

Just Book a Barber

Surprise! Your favorite barberdashery, Felipe & Sons, has now joined the MyKuya family in bringing you excellent on-demand service.

Have the barbershop service and experience at home!

By a few taps on your smartphone, you can actually get the highly-skilled barbers at your home or office. They will come in their personal protective gear and sanitized tools to get you the clean and sleek haircut you have been missing. Expect a superb barbershop experience with no appointment and driving needed.

This service is available both on-demand and in pre-booking in the cities of Taguig, Makati, and Pasig. To pre-schedule your haircut session at home, signup using this form:


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