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Halloween at Home

Yes, we can’t do the usual Halloween Costume parties or trick or treat. But what is stopping us from dressing up and having a blast while keeping safe?


We will be celebrating the “spooky season” in true House Party-fashion, as we are sure you are now familiar with, having had birthdays, graduations, and celebrations with your family at home.

Here is a list of the preparations you can do to (pumpkin) spice things up at the dinner table, living room, and other common spaces for October 31st!


Of course, you have to announce in your family Viber group chat that there will be a party and that costumes are highly encouraged.

As for your own costume, you can always get crafty and make use of what you have at home. Although, if you are interested in purchasing or having something customized, I do recommend checking out!


The easiest Halloween decorations I have ever done include 1) making fake blood from water and red paint or food coloring 2) splattering it on tissue paper 3) and then putting them up as streamers around the place.

For those who want to go another route, there is Celebrations Party Central in Megamall and SM North EDSA.


Candy, the reason why Halloween is enjoyed so much all over the world! You already know your favorite chocolate bars and gummies, as well as where to get them, just suggestions from us that you share your treats with friends and family around the city. They’ll appreciate the surprise, especially the kids who are missing the Trick-or-Treat tradition this year.

Now what?

All you gotta do is book an ‘Assistant on Bike’, who will pick up and pay for everything for you in just a few hours!

Your MyKuya Partner will happily do the store visits and candy runs while you are spending your time keeping up with work or catching up on your favorite series! Either way, you will have more time doing what you want instead of being on the road in the usual traffic.

Simply go to and book either ‘PaBili’ or’ Assistant on Bike’ to buy these Halloween items for you!


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