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Technology Solution to Manage your Manpower

If you are an agency, you are probably going through these processes on a regular basis:

  • Training your workers, whether they are cleaners, carpenters, messengers, technicians, service crew…

  • Managing client requests

  • Matching them with their preferred schedules and the availability of the worker

  • You remind the worker of the agreed service time

  • But you are still praying that this job order is fulfilled at the correct day and time

After all this, the customer pays the technician. And then you deduct the amount from his “boundary fee.”

This is just one booking, how many of these can you and your team handle? How will you be able to expand with this kind of system?

To help you out, we have created a system that will allow you to focus only on the core of your work.

Whether you manage a team of cleaners, handymen or any other specialized workforce, this article is for you — because time is money and we cannot waste any more of it!

As we said: Focus on the core of your work: training and managing your people.

When you sign up for the MyKuya Franchise Program, we take care of matching your workers with the customers that need their help. Payment will be given to you and your workers separately, no more boundary fees. And best of all, you have a management console, where you see the live location of your team plus who is doing what and where.

No more worrying about schedules, when customers need the service, they instantly match with your nearest available worker.

No more manual computations, it’s all in your management console.

Technology is your tool to keep business operations smooth and to save valuable time and resources.


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